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Original Medieval paintings by Graham Turner

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Original Medieval Paintings by Graham Turner

This section details the original medieval paintings that Graham Turner currently has available, including large scale oil on canvases, gouache paintings and pencil drawings.

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Sir Robert Whittingham - original painting by Graham TurnerSir Robert Whittingham
Painting of Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, by Graham TurnerKeeping the Lancastrian Flame Burning

Jasper Tudor - 'the olde Lorde Jesper and sum tyme Erle of Pembrok' - leaves Denbigh in flames during his brief return to Wales during the summer of 1468.
Richard, Duke of York, at Blackheath, 1452 - Painting by Graham TurnerYork's Humiliation

Cecily Neville, Duchess of York, meets Queen Margaret of Anjou in the spring of 1453 - oil on canvas painting by Graham TurnerDuchess Cecily's Supplication
The Battle of Barnet - original oil painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Barnet

Edward IV in the thick of the fighting at Barnet, April 14th 1471.

Graham Turner's large oil on canvas.
Heworth Moor, 1453 - painting by Graham TurnerConfrontation on Heworth Moor

The Battle of Clyst, 1455 - painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Clyst

As he crosses the bridge over the river Clyst, word reaches Lord Bonville that the earl of Devon has left Exeter and is marching towards him.
The Battle of Blore Heath - original painting by Graham TurnerBattle of Blore Heath

Sir James Tuchet, Lord Audley, leads the Lancastrian cavalry across Wemberton Brook and towards the earl of Salisbury's Yorkist army at the Battle of Blore Heath on 23rd September 1459.
Ludford Bridge, 1459 - original painting by Graham TurnerLudford Bridge

Henry VI's army sweeps across Ludford Bridge and into Ludlow on the morning of 13th October 1459.
The Sun in Splendour - The Battle of Mortimer's Cross - Original Wars of the Roses Painting by Graham TurnerThe Sun in Splendour

Edward, Earl of March - soon to be King Edward IV - calms and inspires his army as they marvel at the sight of three suns on the frosty morning before battle.
The Second Battle of St. Albans - Original Wars of the Roses Painting by Graham TurnerThe Second Battle of St. Albans

The Duke of Somerset leads the Lancastrian army out of St. Albans to attack the Yorkist left wing on Bernard's Heath.

Wars of the Roses handgunners - original pencil drawing by Graham TurnerA 'blak and smoky sort...'
Andrew Trollope after the Second Battle of St Albans, 1461 - Original Painting by Graham TurnerAndrew Trollope

Andrew Trollope was a notable professional soldier of the Wars of the Roses, knighted after the Second Battle of St Albans in 1461, where he injured his foot stepping on a caltrop.
Kingmaker's Captive - original drawing by Graham TurnerKingmaker's Captive

Edward IV is escorted into the earl of Warwick's fortress at Middleham.

The Battle of Hexham 1464 - original painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Hexham

Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerest, tries to rally his men to face a surprise attack by Lord Montagu's Yorkist army.
The Siege of Bamburgh Castle, 1464 - Painting by Graham TurnerThe Siege of Bamburgh Castle

From behind the siege-lines, the earl of Warwick's herald witnesses the power of the king's 'greet gonnes' as one of Bamburgh's towers comes crashing down during the siege of 1464.

Standoff at St Michael's Mount, 1474 - painting by Graham TurnerStandoff at St Michael's Mount

Having taken St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall on 30th September 1474, John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, proceeded to put to the test the idea that the 'stronge place and a mygty' was impregnable, for if well victualled 'xx. menne may kepe it ageyne alle the world.'

Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales, jousting at Smithfield 1467 - painting by Graham TurnerAnthony Woodville, Lord Scales

Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales, makes his magnificent entry before King Edward IV at Smithfield, to undertake his challenge with Antoine, Count de la Roche, Bastard of Burgundy, on 11 June 1467.
The Battle of Empingham - painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Empingham

With his son Sir Robert Welles 'armed with baniers displaied ayeinst hym, disposed to fight', Lord Welles and Sir Robert Dymmock are ordered to be executed by King Edward.
The Battle of Stoke - painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Stoke

John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, fights for his life as his army is cut down around him.
John Paston III is knighted by Henry VII - drawing by Graham TurnerSyr John Paston, Knight

John Paston III is knighted by King Henry VII for his part in the victory at the Battle of Stoke.

Edmund, Earl of Rutland - Painting by Graham TurnerEdmund, Earl of Rutland

Clifford's Revenge - the Battle of Wakefield - Drawing by Graham TurnerClifford's Revenge

John, Lord Clifford, at Dintingdale before the Battle of Towton - painting by Graham TurnerClifford's End

Almost within sight of the main Lancastrian army formed up near Towton, Lord Clifford and his company are cut off by a Yorkist force at Dintingdale.

Royal Blood - Painting of Henry VI at the Battle of St. Albans, 1455, by Graham TurnerRoyal Blood

John Neville, Lord Montagu - painting by Graham TurnerJohn Neville, Lord Montagu

Keeper of the Seas - painting by Graham Turner of the Earl of Warwick's ships in action in the ChannelKeeper of the Seas

English ships flying the colours of the Earl of Warwick, Captain of Calais, attack a heavily laden Spanish fleet in the Channel in 1458.

Fauconberg's attack across London Bridge, May 1471 - original painting by Graham TurnerFauconberg's Attack on London

While Edward IV is occupied at the Battle of Tewkesbury, the Bastard of Fauconberg launches an attack on London.
The Battle of Hedgeley MoorThe Battle of Hedgeley Moor

As his allies flee the battlefield, Sir Ralph Percy makes his final desperate stand against Lord Montagu's Yorkist army.

The Pastons and the Siege of Caister Castle - original painting by Graham TurnerThe Siege of Caister Castle

John Paston III organises the defence of Caister Castle from the besieging forces of the Duke of Norfolk, during the summer of 1469.

The Battle of Mortimer's Cross - Original painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Mortimer's Cross

Owen Tudor and his remaining men find themselves fighting for their lives against the Yorkist army of Edward, Earl of March, whose victories at Mortimer's Cross and soon after at Towton would see him crowned as King Edward IV.

Divided Loyalty - original Wars of the Roses oil painting by Graham TurnerDivided Loyalty

A soldier from the Calais garrison considers where his loyalty lies - with his king, Henry VI, or his captain, the Earl of Warwick.

Richard III at the Battle of BosworthRichard III at the Battle of Bosworth

Graham Turner's latest painting of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth is the result of many years of research and consideration, and incorporates the latest knowledge about the king's appearance made possible by the dramatic discovery of his remains in Leicester in 2012. SOLD
Impact - Medieval Jousting oil painting by Graham TurnerImpact

The moment of lance shattering impact as two knights clash in the lists at a late 15th century joust.
Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468 - Medieval Jousting Painting by Graham TurnerPas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468
Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468. Graham Turner captures the drama, colour and splendour of the late medieval joust.
Devotion - Medieval oil painting by Graham TurnerDevotion
A fashionably dressed 15th century Lady and her faithful deerhound relax near the roaring fire that keeps the cold outside their castle chamber.
The Battle of Agincourt - original oil paintingThe Battle of Agincourt - original oil painting

The Battle of Nibley Green, 1470 - painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Nibley Green

Lord Berkeley and Viscount Lisle confront each other at Nibley Green in 1470, as their long-running inheritance dispute erupts into the last private battle to be fought on english soil.

Sir William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke - painting by Graham TurnerSir William Herbert

Sir Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell - Original painting by Graham TurnerSir Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell

Medieval Knight pencil drawings by Graham TurnerPencil Drawings

Pencil drawings of armoured figures - these usually sell quickly, so the selection available changes regularly.

JUST ADDED - New drawing of an English armour c.1470, based on the tomb effigy of William Browning at Melbury Sampford.
Medieval and Military Art by Graham Turner - Original Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Poster PaintingsTewkesbury Medieval Festival poster artwork
Graham Turner has been producing paintings for the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival poster every year since 1996 and most of the originals have sold - see this section for details.

More recently Graham has also created paintings for the Barnet Medieval Festival, and these are also detailed here.
Purchasing a Painting

Graham Turner also has a number of original paintings created for the well known Osprey series of books available for sale. Covering a wide selection of military subjects from Ancient Rome, through the middle ages and renaissance, to the English Civil War, Napoleonic and Crimean wars, with prices starting from around £300 for a piece of original art.

Original Historical and Military paintings by Graham Turner

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