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Original Medieval paintings by Graham Turner

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Original Medieval Paintings by Graham Turner

This section details the original medieval paintings that Graham Turner currently has available, ranging from large scale oil on canvases to pencil drawings of knights in armour.

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The Battle of Edgcote - Original Painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Edgcote

The Yorkist army of the Earl of Pembroke confronts the rebels at Edgcote in 1469.

Bleak Outpost - Wars of the Roses painting by Graham TurnerBleak Outpost

After their catastrophic defeat at the battle of Towton in 1461, Lancastrian survivors retreated within the walls of their Northumberland strongholds, keeping the cause of King Henry VI alive. Here, an archer wearing the Percy family livery keeps watch from this bleak, coastal outpost.

Painting of Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset, by Graham TurnerEdmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset

Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset, with his standard bearer.
Sir John Paston at the Battle of Barnet, 1471 - painting by Graham TurnerPastons at Barnet

Having allied themselves with the Earl of Oxford to help promote their own local interests, the Paston family had no alternative but follow him during the crisis of 1471, and Sir John Paston and his brother found themselves taking to the battlefield in the Earl's retinue at Barnet, on Easter Sunday, 14th April 1471.

Warwick's troops at the Battle of St. Albans, 1455 - painting by Graham TurnerConcealed Attack

Soldiers in the Earl of Warwick's service advance through the back streets and alleys of St. Albans, to launch a surprise attack on Henry VI's forces in the market square during the Battle of St. Albans, 1455.

The Battle of Agincourt - original oil paintingThe Battle of Agincourt - original oil painting

Richard III at the Battle of BosworthRichard III at the Battle of Bosworth

Graham Turner's latest painting of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth is the result of many years of research and consideration, and incorporates the latest knowledge about the king's appearance made possible by the dramatic discovery of his remains in Leicester in 2012. SOLD
Impact - Medieval Jousting oil painting by Graham TurnerImpact

The moment of lance shattering impact as two knights clash in the lists at a late 15th century joust.
The Battle of Northampton, 1460 - Medieval Painting by Graham TurnerLoyal Subjects - The Battle of Northampton, 1460.

Edward, Earl of March, kneels before Henry VI and proclaims his loyalty, having defeated the Royal army at Northampton on 10th July 1460. SOLD
Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468 - Medieval Jousting Painting by Graham TurnerPas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468
Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468. Graham Turner captures the drama, colour and splendour of the late medieval joust.
Devotion - Medieval oil painting by Graham TurnerDevotion
A fashionably dressed 15th century Lady and her faithful deerhound relax near the roaring fire that keeps the cold outside their castle chamber.
Angel at Ewelme - Medieval oil painting by Graham TurnerAngel at Ewelme
Graham Turner's charming study of a 15th century carving.
Medieval Knight pencil drawings by Graham TurnerKnight Drawings
Pencil drawings of armoured figures - these usually sell quickly, so the selection available changes regularly.
Medieval and Military Art by Graham Turner - Original Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Poster PaintingsTewkesbury Medieval Festival poster artwork
Graham Turner has been producing paintings for the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival poster every year since 1996 and most of the originals have sold - see this section for details of those that remain available.
Purchasing a Painting

Graham Turner also has a number of original paintings created for the well known Osprey series of books available for sale. Covering a wide selection of military subjects from Ancient Rome, through the middle ages and renaissance, to the English Civil War, Napoleonic and Crimean wars, with prices starting from around £300 for a piece of original art.

Original Historical and Military paintings by Graham Turner

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