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Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales

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Smithfield heading
Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales, jousting at Smithfield 1467 - painting by Graham Turner RIGHT NOBLE AND WORSHIPFUL KNIGHT AND LORD, SIR ANTHONY WOODVILLE THE LORD SCALES Ref: GT-AW

Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales, makes his magnificent entry before King Edward IV at Smithfield, to undertake his challenge with Antoine, Count de la Roche, Bastard of Burgundy, on 11 June 1467. In front of the king's stand, bearing Woodville's helms, are the duke of Clarence and earl of Arundel, who preceded him onto the field with the duke of Buckingham, the earl of Kent, and lords Herbert and Stafford, 'evyvh of them beryng oon of the wepens'.

Towering above the scene is the priory of St Bartholomew the Great, only a small part of which survives today, now absorbed within the surrounding buildings of the city.

Original gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 21.8"x 15.6" (55cm x 40cm) Note: When framed with a mount, the overall picture size will be larger. Painting is priced unframed.

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The Kyng sittyng in his estate, the lords about hym; the seide Lorde Scales entrid the feeld with the seide ix. Folowers so richely beseen; and came before the Kynges highness and did hym reverence as appteyned, and retrayed to his pavylon in the southest corner of the felde before richely sett.

First. His owne hors, trappid in a di trappe of white cloth of goolde, with a crosse of Seint George of crymsyn velewet, bordird with a fringe of golde half foote long.

The secunde hors, in a juste cloos trappere of velewet tawny, accomplisshid with many grete belles.

Also the Pavylon of double blewe saton, richely embrowdird with his letters; the valence thereof embrowdird with his woorde fixid on tymbir werke removable on ev'y quarter. A banner of dyv's his armes in the toppe. A banner fixid of his hole armes. The noombir of the banners on the pavylen viij. And Seint Georges banner fixid in the poste of the listes beside the Kynges tente on the right hande.

Sir John Paston's Grete Booke

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