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Purchasing an original Graham Turner painting

Graham Turner's historical paintings bring to life the events and characters of our colourful and often turbulent past. Each painting is meticulously researched down to the finest detail and it is this accuracy, combined with his sense of drama and atmosphere, that has brought him worldwide recognition for his work.

While Studio 88's prints, reproduced from these paintings, make his work available to a wider audience, the originals are also available for sale, with the larger canvases representing several months work - from the initial research into every aspect of the scene portrayed to the final brushstrokes on the painting itself. (See Graham's Painting Diary to discover how he creates his medieval paintings.)
Medieval Paintings by Graham Turner
All Graham Turner's historical paintings that are currently available are detailed on the Studio 88 website - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS - and range from pencil drawings through to large scale oil on canvas paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please contact Graham Turner -

Unless otherwise stated paintings are priced unframed, and copyright is not included.
Shipping Charges

The cost of shipping original paintings varies, depending on their size, value and destination. Our usual shipping rates do not apply, but we would be happy to provide a quote for shipping to your address if required.
Commissioning a painting

Graham Turner also takes commissions for paintings, so if there is a specific subject you are interested in having painted, please contact Graham at to discuss your requirements and ideas.

He has been commissioned to paint a wide variety of subjects, including battles and particular moments from history, re-enactors in their own costume, uniform or armour (or armour they'd like to own!), horses and portraits - ranging from pencil drawings, through gouache paintings right up to big oil paintings on canvas, and will be happy to provide alternative options and prices for you to consider.
Commissioning a painting

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