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Kingmaker's Captive

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Kingmaker's Captive - original drawing by Graham Turner Kingmaker's Captive - original drawing Ref: GT-KC

Edward IV is escorted into the earl of Warwick's fortress at Middleham following his capture after the Battle of Edgcote in 1469.

Pencil Drawing by Graham Turner - drawn on an A3 sheet of paper (30cm x 42cm)

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Price: 675.00

Excerpt from Graham Turner's book -

What happened to Edward IV's own army remains unclear. Perhaps 'those who had hitherto remained firm in their allegiance to him, now became greatly alarmed, and basely deserting him by thousands, clandestinely took to flight'. It appears that Edward was travelling towards Coventry with a relatively small entourage, no doubt angry and seeking revenge, but perhaps more realistically intending to meet and negotiate with his brother and cousin, Clarence and Warwick, when a party of soldiers, commanded by George Neville, forced their way into his lodgings. Edward at first refused Archbishop Neville entry into his chamber saying he had retired for the night, but he eventually relented and was told in no uncertain terms 'Sire, get up!… You have to get up and come to my brother of Warwick, and no objection is possible'.

Edward was escorted to Coventry, then on to Warwick Castle, and another piece of the earl of Warwick's coup fell into place. However, he was not finished with retribution; the records of Coventry note: 'On Aug. 12 in the same year Lord Rivers then Treasurer of England was beheaded at Gosford Green, and Lord John Woodville, his son, likewise; they had been taken at Chepstow.'

Shortly after murdering Edward's father-in-law and brother-in-law, Warwick moved the king to his fortress at Middleham. With Edward secured, he then set about trying to rule in his name, but Edward was no compliant puppet and, with no authority, Warwick found it difficult to govern.

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