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The Battle of Stoke

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The Battle of Stoke - painting by Graham Turner The Battle of Stoke - original painting Ref: GT-STK
16 June 1487

John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, fights for his life as his army is cut down around him; the Irish contingent in their distinctive yellow clothing, and the Swiss wielding their long pikes. Francis Lovell's banner can be seen behind him in the thick of the action, while advancing against them as part of Henry VII's vanguard, commanded by the earl of Oxford, can be seen John Paston III, who would be amongst those knighted by a grateful king after their victory.

Original gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 21.8"x 17" (55cm x 43cm) Note: When framed with a mount, the overall picture size will be larger. Painting is priced unframed.

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Excerpt from Graham Turner's book -

Lincoln continued south, determined to 'march directly against the king', but his hopes that supporters would rally to them proved optimistic, leaving him to gamble all on 'the fortunes of war', while taking some little encouragement from the thought that Henry had conquered Richard III two years before, despite similarly overwhelming odds.

King Henry had not been idly waiting. John de Vere, Earl of Oxford - 'the noble and coraygious Knyght' - was called on to lead the vanguard of Henry's army once again, and they marched from Kenilworth, passing not far from where he had won his crown at Bosworth, to be joined at Nottingham by his stepbrother George Stanley, Lord Strange, George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Sir John Cheyne - all three 'distinguished commanders' 'accompanied by a great number of armed men'. Many others are listed. 'In this way the king's army was hourly augmented in wonderful fashion.'

'Understanding that his Enemyes and Rebelles drew towards Newarke', the king marched his army towards them 'and logged that Nyght beside a Village called Ratcliff, 9 Miles oute of Newarke'. Despite losing some 'Cowards' and 'Raskells' overnight, 'no Man of Worship... fledde', and an impressive force lined up for Henry on 16 June 1487.

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