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The Sun in Splendour

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The Sun in Splendour - The Battle of Mortimer's Cross - Original Wars of the Roses Painting by Graham Turner The Sun in Splendour - original oil painting Ref: GT-MXP

Just over a month after his father, the Duke of York, had been killed at Wakefield, Edward, Earl of March faced an army commanded by Henry VI's half-brother, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, at Mortimer's Cross in Herefordshire.

As the sun rose to illuminate a clear bitterly cold day a rare meteorological phenomenon occurred that struck fear into Edward's men; 'were seen three suns in the firmament shining full clear, whereof the people had great marvel, and thereof were aghast. The noble Earl Edward them comforted and said. 'Be of good comfort and dread not; this is a good sign, for these three suns betoken the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and therefore let us have a good heart, and in the name of Almighty God go we against our enemies'.

What they had witnessed was a parhelion (sometimes called a sun dog), caused when ice crystals refract the sun's light, giving the appearance of three suns. Edward's quick-witted response to the situation undoubtedly reversed what could have been a morale-destroying disaster, and he clearly recognized the significance of this moment when he later adopted the sun in splendour as one of his primary badges.

Edward was descended from Edward III through the Mortimer Earls of March, and his powerful Mortimer connections in the Welsh marches would prove crucial to his victory at Mortimer's Cross and form an important part of his subsequent claim to the English throne. The Mortimer badge of the white lion, along with the Yorkist white rose, features throughout the painting, on Edward's standard, horse trappings, helmet and retainers' liveries.

Oil painting by Graham Turner - canvas size 36"x 26" (91 x 66cm)

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The Battle of Mortimer's Cross - Painting by Graham Turner
Mortimer's Cross


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