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Fauconberg's Attack on London

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Fauconberg's attack across London Bridge, May 1471 - original painting by Graham Turner Fauconberg's Attack on London - original painting Ref: GT-LB

While Edward IV was occupied at Tewkesbury, Thomas Neville, Bastard of Fauconberg, landed in Kent and advanced on London, with the undoubted intention of releasing Henry VI from the Tower. On 12th May 1471 he arrived at Southwark and launched his first attack across London Bridge.

Faced by the citizens' determined defence the attackers were repulsed, but they regrouped and two days later launched simultaneous full-scale attacks on the bridge and Bishopsgate and Aldgate. After much desperate fighting, the attackers were once again driven away in 'flyght and discomfiture', leaving several buildings on the southern end of London Bridge in flames (two carpenters were employed afterwards to construct wooden rails where these buildings had stood).

On Tuesday 21st May King Edward arrived at the City, knighting the mayor and several other officials who had 'mannly and honorably acquit them selfe against the bastard, and his crwell hooste', before entering London in triumph. His victory was completed that same night when Henry VI died in the Tower, undoubtedly murdered, but recorded in King Edward's official account as having died of 'pure displeasure and melencoly'. Another observer in Europe wrote; 'King Edward has not chosen to have the custody of King Henry any longer... He has, in short chosen to crush the seed.'

Fauconberg's head would eventually end up spiked on London Bridge looking towards Kent.

Original gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 15.2"x 10.75" (385mm x 273mm) Note: When framed with a mount, the overall picture size will be larger.

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Price: 975.00

Fauconberg's attack across London Bridge, May 1471 - detail from an original painting by Graham Turner

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