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Original Aviation Paintings by Graham Turner - click on image or title for full details
'Letter from Home - Royal Flying Corps Pilot with SE5a - WW1 Aviation painting by Graham Turner GAvALetter from Home

A young Royal Flying Corps pilot takes a moment to lose himself in the words of a loved one waiting for him back at home.

A newly trained Royal Flying Corps pilot and observer arrive at their first posting, a front line BE2e reconnaissance squadron.
Cultural DesolationCultural Desolation

A BE2c flies over the ruins of Ypres in 1915.
'Oops!' - Sopwith Camel accident, painting by Graham Turner'Oops!'

A pilot walks away from his Sopwith Camel having tipped it onto its nose on landing, fortunate that it is only his pride that is hurt.
WW1 Indian Cavalry painting by Graham TurnerA Long Way from Home

A column of Indian Cavalry advance through the town of Albert, which was central to the Allied activities on the Somme in 1916.

WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerVictor & Vanquished
Having located the German Albatros aircraft he had forced down behind the British lines, an RFC pilot approaches the dejected German airman, who sits before his aircraft under guard, resigned to life as a POW.
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerExposed
Manfred von Richtofen attacks the FE2b that would become his first victim.
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerContact
A ground crewman prepares to swing the propeller to start the engine of a 10 Squadron RNAS Sopwith Camel.
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerFrom the Heavens into Hell
The observer of an unarmed BE2c struggles to drag the unconscious pilot from his cockpit, while the Fokker Eindekker that forced them down into the mud of no-mans land flies overhead.
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerSomme Contact Patrol
British troops signal their position to a BE2c flying overhead as they struggle to advance across no-mans land on July 1st 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme. SOLD
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerClose Call
The pilot and observer of an FE2b walk away from their damaged aircraft, leaving it in the hands of the ground crew to patch up ready for the next sortie. SOLD
WW1 Aviation paintings by Graham TurnerNot Much Further
Artillery shells are brough to the front line in the appalling conditions on the Western Front during the First World War. SOLD
Gloster GladiatorGloster Gladiator
A Gloster Gladiator of 263 Squadron engages a Heinkel 111 bomber over Norway in May 1940.
RAF Fighter Pilot 1939RAF Fighter Pilot 1939
RAF Fighter Pilot 1941RAF Fighter Pilot 1941
HMS GloriousHMS Glorious
A Royal Air Force Hurricane of 46 Squadron prepares to land on the deck of HMS Glorious on the 7th June 1940.
A fighter squadron at dispersal in September 1940.
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Framed Victor and Vanquished
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