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Dawn of the Machines

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'Dawn of the Machines' - WW1 painting by Graham Turner showing tank and DH2 aircraft Dawn of the Machines Ref: GT-GW14

On September 15th 1916 tanks went into action for the first time, across the devastated Somme battlefield at the battle of Flers. Many broke down or were knocked out, but a few managed to push forward well behind the German lines, demonstrating the potential of this new weapon.

Here, British infantrymen come across one of the curious machines stranded by the roadside as they advance to the front, meeting a mule team returning from delivering ammunition to help feed the artillery's insatiable appetite, while a Royal Flying Corps DeHavilland DH2 passes overhead.

Oil on Canvas, canvas size 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm). Painting is framed - overall size including frame is approximately 29"x 29" (74cm x 74cm) (Scroll down to see a photo of the painting in its frame)

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Price: 4,750.00

Purchasing an Original Painting

Graham Turner's original paintings are offered for sale by the artist himself, rather than through Studio 88, which is our print publishing business. Consequently, payment directly to him is preferred. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please email Graham Turner at to discuss the purchase or to arrange to visit.

The cost of shipping original paintings varies, depending on their size, value and destination. Our usual shipping rates do not apply, but we would be happy to provide a quote for shipping to your address if you are unable to collect.

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(Right) Graham Turner creating his oil painting 'Contact'.
Purchasing an Original Painting
Below is a close up cropped detail image from 'Dawn of the Machines'.
Detail from 'Dawn of the Machines' - WW1 painting by Graham Turner showing tank and DH2 aircraft
'Letter from Home - Royal Flying Corps Pilot with SE5a - WW1 Aviation painting by Graham Turner GAvA
Winner of the Cross & Cockade Award for the best First World War aviation painting at the 2018 Guild of Aviation Artists 'Aviation Painting of the Year' Exhibition, held at the Mall Galleries in London.'Letter from Home - Royal Flying Corps Pilot with SE5a - WW1 Aviation painting by Graham Turner GAvA
Award Winning First World War Aviation Art

Graham Turner's original oil painting Into the Hands of Fate (right) achieved award success at the 2013 Guild of Aviation Artists annual exhibition, held in the prestigious Mall Galleries, London, where it was awarded the Cross and Cockade prize for the best First World War aviation painting, the Roy Nockolds Trophy (voted for by the public), and was runner up for the two top awards - the Aviation Painting of the Year and Flypast Fellows Award for Excellence. It also sold straight away (for £7,500).

He also won the Roy Nockolds Trophy in 2011, the first time he exhibited with the Guild, for his painting 'Steady Boy', and was Highly Commended for 'Thank You Harry Tate' in 2012, both 'Victor & Vanquished' and 'Contact' in 2015, 'Replacements' in 2016, and 'Letter from Home' in 2017. Letter from Home also won the Wilkinsons Sword Poignard for the Best Oil Painting.
RFC FE2b original WW1aviation painting by Graham Turner
First World War Aviation prints

A selection of Graham Turner's First World War paintings are available from Studio 88 as high quality giclée prints - on paper or canvas. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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