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Battle of Biggin Hill

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Battle of Biggin Hill - painting by Graham Turner Battle of Biggin Hill Ref: GT-BB2

On 31st August 1940 RAF Biggin Hill is subjected to another devastating Luftwaffe air raid, the fourth of six over a three day period. As the bombs explode throughout North Camp, 79 Squadron Hurricanes take off to intercept the departing Dornier 17s, while in the foreground, RAF personel take shelter in a slit trench near a 72 Squadron Spitfire that has been damaged in the attack.

The 'North Camp' was once again hit hard, wrecking the large 3-Bay hangar and scoring a direct hit on the Sector Operations Block, again severing the tattered, patched together communications lines. In the dispersal area, 72 Squadron's one unserviceable Spitfire (R6928) remained - but not for long. The aeroplane could not be fixed in time to scramble, so the pilot Sgt R.C.J. Staples and ground crew dived into the nearby 'slit trench' with a Lewis machine gun team as the bombs began 'crumping' across the airfield and crashing into the buildings and hangars of 'North Camp'.

According to airframe-fitter Corporal Graeme Gillard, 'From our bomb shelter we saw our lone unserviceable Spitfire just curling up under the bombardment. One of our electricians, a brave but silly man, ran out to pick up an unexploded bomb. It exploded halfway to the perimeter woods. Many casualties, mostly WAAF, occurred. The runway was out of action.'
(Excerpt from the book caption)

Gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 19"x 13" (48 x 33cm)

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Detail from Battle of Biggin Hill - painting by Graham Turner

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