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A Stirling Effort

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Painting by Graham Turner from Osprey book The Italian Blitz A Stirling Effort: Pilot Officer Middleton's VC Ref: GT-IB2

Although attacks on Italian targets were considered relatively easy, the long 9-hour journey and crossing the Alps were formidable obstacles. On 28/29 November 1942, the 149 Squadron Short Stirling of Pilot Officer Middleton from New South Wales and his crew found their underperforming engines prevented them from clearing the higher peaks. Over Turin they were then hit by light flack, seriously wounding Middleton, the second pilot, and navigator, but despite his horrific wounds Middleton elected to attempt the return journey, allowing most of his crew to bail out over the coast of England. Middleton and two others perished, but for saving the majority of his crew he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

The painting shows the Stirling over the Alps on the outward journey towards Turin.

Gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 19"x 13" (48 x 33cm)

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