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Second World War PaintingsSecond World War Paintings
The sections below contain details of all Graham Turner's original book paintings depicting the Second World War, organised by book title.
World War 2 British Tank Crewman paintings by Graham TurnerBritish Tank Crewman 1940-45
Paintings from the Osprey book Kursk 1943 by Graham TurnerKursk 1943

Three paintings of the famous second World War tank battle on the Russian front. Subjects include the new German Panther tanks struggling in the mud, German Pioniere clearing a path through a minefield, and Soviet T34s attacking Waffen SS forces.
Operation Market Garden - paintings by Graham TurnerOperation Market Garden

Three paintings of the British Airborne operation to capture the bridge at Arnhem.
Second World War British Commando paintings by Graham TurnerBritish Commando 1940-45

The Commandos, one of the most famous fighting units of the Second World War, is the subject of this Osprey book containing eight paintings by Graham Turner. Click on the image or title for full details and images of all these original paintings, which are now available for sale.
British Paratrooper 1940-45British Paratrooper 1940-45
Second World War Aviation Art by Graham Turner - WW2 Paintings from Osprey RAF Fighter Pilot bookRAF Fighter Command Pilot 1939-41
Original paintings showing RAF fighter pilot's uniforms and equipment - and aircraft in action from Norway to the Battle of Britain.
Second World War Military Art by Graham Turner - WW2 Paintings from Osprey Montgomery BookBernard Montgomery
Three full colour paintings by Graham Turner from the Osprey book about Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.
Second World War Military Art by Graham Turner - WW2 Paintings from Osprey Walcheren 1944 BookWalcheren 1944
One of the last major amphibious operations of the Second World War, the Allied landings on the island of Walcheren in November 1944 are depicted in these paintings by Graham Turner.

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