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Studio 88 has published a set of Michael Turner motorsport Christmas cards every year since 1963, a unique pictorial record of half a century of Grand Prix motor racing (also occasionally including sports car racing and rallying).

This section contains details and images of the 1980-1989 seasons - click on the heading to see Michael Turner's paintings from that year.
1980 Grand Prix cards1980 Grand Prix cards
1981 Grand Prix cards1981 Grand Prix cards
1982 Grand Prix cards1982 Grand Prix cards
1983 Grand Prix cards1983 Grand Prix cards
1984 Grand Prix cards1984 Grand Prix cards
1985 Grand Prix cards1985 Grand Prix cards
1986 Grand Prix cards1986 Grand Prix cards
1987 Grand Prix cards1987 Grand Prix cards
1988 Motorsport cards1988 Motorsport cards
1989 Motorsport cards1989 Motorsport cards
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