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1981 Grand Prix cards

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1981 Grand Prix Cards by Michael Turner

Michael Turner's 1981 set of Motorsport Christmas Cards are now very rare, but we do have a few copies of those indicated.

Cards measure approximately 190mm x 107mm
1981 San Marino Grand Prix1981 San Marino Grand Prix Ref: -71

1981 World Champion Nelson Piquet in his Brabham BT49C leads Reutemann and Pironi away from the chicane.

Card 'With Best Wishes' greeting - 2.50
Single sided card (back removed) - 2.50

1981 German Grand Prix1981 German Grand Prix Ref: -72

Alan Jones thrusts his Williams between the Renaults of Prost and Arnoux to take the lead on lap 21.

Card 'With Best Wishes' greeting

Price: 1.50

1981 Monaco Grand Prix1981 Monaco Grand Prix Ref: -73

With only four laps to go, Gilles Villeneuve forces his Ferrari into the lead past Alan Jones' Williams.

Card 'With Best Wishes' greeting - 10.00
Single sided card (back removed) - 8.00

1981 British Grand Prix1981 British Grand Prix Ref: -74

John Watson, driving the winning McLaren MP4, takes the lead from Rene Arnoux's Renault as they enter Beckett's corner.

Card 'With Best Wishes' greeting - 2.50
Single sided card (back removed) - 2.50

1981 Canadian Grand Prix1981 Canadian Grand Prix Ref: -75

On a streaming wet track, Jaques Lafitte's Talbot-Ligier heads for victory at the Isle Notre Dame circuit.

Card 'With Best Wishes' greeting

Price: 1.50

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