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Edward IV enters London through Bishopsgate, 11th April 1471.

1469-1471 was a period of great political upheaval during the Wars of the Roses, with great swings of fortune for both sides. The Earl of Warwick's change of allegiance to support the Lancastrian Henry VI led to his exile in 1470 and then, on his return, Edward IV was in turn forced to flee across the Channel to safety. Returning from Flanders six months later, Edward landed in Yorkshire with a small force and marched south.

When Warwick refused to leave Coventry and fight, Edward continued towards London, his approach causing considerable agitation in the capital. Although Lancastrian sympathisers were instructed to hold the City against him, the Council decided not to resist and on the 11th April 1471, Edward entered London through Bishopsgate to reclaim the Throne.

Three days later he would finally confront Warwick's army at the Battle of Barnet, his victory there and at Tewkesbury three weeks later all but annihilating the House of Lancaster and securing his position as King for the next twelve years.

(This is an extremely brief summary of the events leading up to the scene I have chosen to paint and make the subject of this first 'Painting Diary'. I will try to add more to the story as we progress, but I can recommend the book 'The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury' by P.W. Hammond to anyone who would like to know more about this period.)

Since writing this Painting Diary, Graham Turner has taken his commitment to research and furthering his understanding of the medieval period a stage further than most, and he has now jousted at venues such as the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries Museum, and the Historisches Museum in Bern. The incredible experiences he has gained riding and competing in full plate armour at this high level have had a profound influence on his life and work, and you can find out more about Graham's jousting and his armour by CLICKING HERE

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