The Queen's Golden Jubilee Trophy - the most prestigious prize in jousting - was fought out over three days of high scoring, top quality jousting at the Royal Armouries over the August bank holiday weekend. Graham was once again riding his horse Magic, who has come on so well since making his debut last year, and performed with the consistency of a much more experiened horse throughout the tournament. The outcome went right down to the wire, with the final, nail-biting pass deciding the outcome........

Day one of the Tournament saw Graham and Magic make the perfect start, winning their heat with a maximum score. Dominic Sewell won his heat, also with a maximum, and several other jousters were only one or two points adrift - the competition was wide open.

Above - Jousting with Steve Mallet.

Above - Graham and Magic waiting to start a run.



Day two was extremely windy, making everything much tougher for everyone. Graham managed maximum points on all but one of his runs, but was outscored by last year's title holder William West (right), who now led him by just one point.

Right - Graham and William West clash. Below - Stacy Evans and Derry Wells smash up more lances.



Above - Graham and Dominic on target.

Right - Graham is quite pleased with himself!



Going into the final, Graham focused on each run at a time, not daring to look at the scores or think about the possibility of winning. When Will West missed his first pass, Graham new it was possible, but put this to the back of his mind and got on with the job in hand. Maximum scores followed, but it all came down to the final pass between Graham and Dominic Sewell - score well and he'd clinched it, miss, and he'd be lucky to be in the top four.

The last pass was a massive impact, and it all so nearly ended there for Graham when the reins were pulled through his hand and Magic bucked out of the lists! He stayed on board though, and on hearing the scores realised that he'd done it, achieved the dream result - won the 2010 Queen's Golden Jubilee Trophy!

Above - A huge impact between Jason Kingsley and William West.

Right - Having regained his composure after the final pass, Graham realises that he's won the title.




Left - Graham is congratulated by second placed Dominic Sewell.

Above - A few words from the winner.


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