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The Battle of Tewkesbury

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Detail from the Battle of Tewkesbury
The Battle of Tewkesbury detail
Battle of Tewkesbury, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art print by Graham Turner

Having reclaimed the throne of England and defeated the Earl of Warwick at the battle of Barnet, the Yorkist King, Edward IV, marched his forces from London to intercept those of Margaret of Anjou (wife of the Lancastrian Henry VI) and her son, Prince Edward, who had landed at Weymouth and were heading for Wales where supporters awaited them.

Denied entry to Gloucester and it's bridge over the River Severn, Margaret was forced to march her exhausted army to the next crossing point - at Tewkesbury. Here, with the Royal army hard on their heels and insufficient time to cross the river, they turned to confront their pursuers, the two armies meeting on the 4th May 1471.

Following a heavy bombardment from the King's artillery, Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, led the Lancastrian right wing through the deep ditches and hedges that intersected the battlefield and attacked the Yorkist left, under the command of Edward's younger brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester. However, the other Lancastrian divisions failed to support the attack and Somerset's men were soon outflanked and routed, the rest of Margaret's army disintegrating in defeat.
Battle of Tewkesbury, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art print by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Tewkesbury - 4th May 1471 Ref: TY-38

In his detailed yet atmospheric painting, Graham Turner puts you amongst the Lancastrian forces as they desperately try to defend themselves against the advancing Yorkists, King Edward at their head, his Standards flying above him. The Standards of the Dukes of Gloucester, Clarence and Norfolk can also be seen, together with a wide range of arms and armour, illustrating the diversity of those in use at the time.

Open Edition Print published from an oil painting.
Overall print size, including border - 34"x 24" (87cm x 60cm).

Each print is supplied with a 'Who's who', identifying the major participants and banners shown in the painting.

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Canvas Print

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Battle of Tewkesbury, Wars of the Roses - canvas print by Graham Turner
Battle of Tewkesbury, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art prints by Graham TurnerOther Graham Turner prints of the Battle of Tewkesbury....

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The Medieval Art of Graham Turner

The Wars of the Roses

The series of battles fought between the rival Yorkist and Lancastrian claiments to the English throne during the second half of the 15th century are now known as the Wars of the Roses, after badges carried by supporters of the two factions - the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster.

Political tensions erupted into open conflict at the first battle of ST.ALBANS in 1455, when the Duke of York took up arms against the Lancastrian King Henry VI, and this battle is one of several that Graham Turner has brought to life in his series of paintings devoted to this turbulent period in our history. WAKEFIELD, TOWTON, NORTHAMPTON, BARNET, TEWKESBURY, and BOSWORTH - where Henry Tudor defeated Richard III - these are some of the other battles that have been painted by this highly regarded historical artist who specialises in medieval history, all of which are available as prints from Studio 88.

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The Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art Paintings, Prints and Cards by Graham Turner

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