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The Battle of Blore Heath

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Detail from the Battle of Barnet, an oil painting by Graham Turner
The Battle of Blore Heath - print from an original painting by Graham Turner The Battle of Blore Heath Ref: Gic-G338

Sir James Tuchet, Lord Audley, leads the Lancastrian cavalry across Wemberton Brook and towards the earl of Salisbury's Yorkist army at the Battle of Blore Heath on 23rd September 1459.

Salisbury had been marching his army south from Yorkshire, to link up with the Duke of York at Ludlow, when they were intercepted by Audley, under instruction to arrest him and stop the two Yorkist forces from joining.

Lured into an attack by a feigned withdrawal by Salisbury, the Lancastrians launched two cavalry charges across the difficult obstacle of the brook, resulting in Audley's death during the intense fighting. A final Lancastrian assault on foot would also fail, their army collapsing into a rout, allowing Salisbury to continue to Ludlow.

Gicle Print published from a gouache painting by Graham Turner.

Each print individually printed to order on very high quality heavyweight paper, and then signed on the border by the artist.

Sizes given are approximate and include a border.

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Available in two alternative sizes - select size required below -
22"x 17" overall size has an image size of 17.4"x 12.5" (441mm x 317mm)
17"x 12" overall size has an image size of 13.2"x 9.5" (335mm x 241mm)

Approximate overall print size
22"x 17" (56cm x 43cm) 79.00
17"x 12" (43cm x 30cm) 59.00

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The Battle of Blore Heath Original Painting

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The Battle of Blore Heath - Painting by Graham Turner

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