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The Battle of Mortimer's Cross

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The Battle of Mortimer's Cross, 1461 - detail from a painting by Graham Turner
The Battle of Mortimer's Cross, 1461 - print from painting by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Mortimer's Cross Ref: Gic-G331

On 2nd February 1461*, the forces of Edward, Earl of March, intercepted an army loyal to Henry VI commanded by the king's half-brother, Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, at Mortimer's Cross in Herefordshire. Edward's father, the Duke of York, had been killed at Wakefield just two months earlier, but his victory on this cold clear day successfully reversed Yorkist fortunes and would soon lead to his crowning as king Edward IV, following his even more decisive victory at Towton.

Jasper Tudor's father Owen (grandfather of the first Tudor king, Henry VII), was captured as their army disintegrated in defeat. Owen was taken to Hereford where he was executed; according to Gregory's Chronicle 'trusting all eway that he shulde not be hedyd tylle he sawe the axe and the blocke, and when that he was in hys dobelet he trustyd on pardon and grace tylle the coler of hys redde velvet dobbelet was ryppyd of.'

Graham Turner's latest painting shows Owen and his remaining men as they find themselves fighting for their lives against the advancing Yorkists, victory within their grasp. Edward Earl of March's standard is in the thick of the fighting, along with the banners of Sir William Herbert, who would go on to be Edward's trusted lieutenant in the region, and Sir Walter Devereux. Facing them can be seen the banners of Pembroke and the earl of Wiltshire, who brought Irish, French and Breton mercenaries to fight alongside Pembroke's largely Welsh army.

*some sources suggest the battle was fought on the 3rd.

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Original Painting

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The Battle of Mortimer's Cross - Painting by Graham Turner
Mortimer's Cross

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