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The Battle of Barnet

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Detail from the Battle of Barnet, an oil painting by Graham Turner
"... for the Kynge... manly, vigorowsly, and valiantly assayled them, in the midst and strongest of theyre battaile, where he, with great violence, bett and bare down afore hym all that stode in hys way, and, than, turned to the range, first on that one hand, and than on that other hand, in lengthe, and so bet and bare them downe, so that nothing might stande in the sight of hym and the welle asswred felowshipe that attendyd trewly upon hym; so that, blessed be to God ! he wan the filde there, and the perfite victory remained unto hym..." The Arrivall
The Battle of Barnet print The Battle of Barnet print Ref: BAR-30

Through the fog that envelopes the battlefield at Barnet on Easter Sunday, 14th April 1471, Edward IV leads his army into the thick of the fighting, his banners flying above him and Knights of the Body beside him. Opposing him are soldiers wearing the red livery of the Earl of Warwick, with his distinctive badge of the ragged staff, and in the background can be made out the 'Kingmaker' himself, along with his brother, Marquis Montagu.

Open Edition Print published from an oil painting by Graham Turner
Overall print size, including border - 26.5"x 19.5" (672mm x 495mm)
Image size 22.5"x 15" (570mm x 380mm)

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Each print is supplied with a 'Who's who', identifying the major participants and banners shown in the painting.

For close up detail images of Graham Turner's painting, and descriptive text about what is shown, CLICK HERE
Price: 30.00

Battle of Barnet canvas print

Graham Turner's Battle of Barnet painting is also available as a canvas print - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Battle of Barnet canvas print
Original Painting

The original Battle of Barnet painting - a large oil on canvas - is available for sale. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Graham Turner recorded his progress as the Battle of Barnet painting took shape in a Painting Diary, with stage-by-stage photos and commentary on how he works and what is shown in the painting. CLICK HERE to follow the Barnet Painting Diary.

A painting of this size and complexity cannot really be fully appreciated viewed as a small image on a computer monitor, so to give a better indication of the amount of detail in the painting, CLICK HERE to see a selection of larger close up images taken from it.

Each image is accompanied by details of what is shown, revealing some of the immense amount of research behind this painting.



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