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Reverie, Medieval Lady - Medieval Art print by Graham TurnerReverie Ref: REV-59

Sitting at the window of a great castle, a fashionably dressed Lady looks up from her book, her mind clearly lost in distant thoughts.

The view from the window identifies the setting as the Great tower at Raglan, Gwent, a fact confirmed by the heraldic stained glass panel. The arms are those of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, and his wife, Anne Devereux, so perhaps this is Anne herself, awaiting news of her absent husband. She knows the feeling of vulnerability that went hand in hand with power during the Wars of the Roses, with the great rewards available to the supporters of the victorious faction becoming possible attainder, exile or death when the tables turned.

By allying himself to Edward, Earl of March, in 1461, and assisting him to accede the throne as Edward IV, William Herbert rose through the ranks of the English nobility at an incredible rate, to become the most powerful man in Wales when he was created Earl of Pembroke in 1468. However, on 26th July 1469, he was defeated at the battle of Edgecote while leading an army to crush 'Robin of Redesdale's' rebellion and, along with his brother, was summarily executed the following day on the orders of the Earl of Warwick.

So, as she passes the time, the Lady in Graham Turner's sensitive and highly detailed painting has every reason to be concerned, for her future is inextricably linked to that of her husband and remains uncertain until he is safely returned.

Inspired by the fine detail achieved by the early Flemish masters such as Van Eyck, Van der Weyden and Memling, along with the more realistic approach of later artists, Graham Turner has combined these influences within his own style to create this thought provoking image.

Limited Edition Print published from an oil painting.

Overall print size, including border - 17"x 22" (43cm x 56cm)>!!

Limited to 500 copies only, each individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered to correspond with the print.

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Price: 59.00


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Reverie - print and card from a painting by Graham Turner
Detail from 'Reverie', painting by Graham Turner

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