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Medieval Canvas Prints by Graham Turner

Studio 88's Canvas Prints are individually printed to order on very high quality heavyweight canvas, before being stretched on wooden stretcher bars - just like an oil painting - and then varnished for protection. Each print is individually created by the artist, Graham Turner - ensuring excellent quality and a picture that is as close to the original as possible.

Each canvas is individually signed by the artist (on the reverse, as there is no border).

Note that canvas prints have no white border - this is the overall size of the canvas on its wooden stretcher bars and the image extends to the edge.

Canvasses are supplied with a hanging cord so they can be displayed immediately if you prefer not to get your picture framed.

Click on the title or image for full details of each of these prints
The Sun in SplendourThe Sun in Splendour

Edward, Earl of March - soon to be King Edward IV - calms and inspires his army as they marvel at the sight of three suns on the frosty morning before battle.
The Battle of Barnet by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Barnet
Edward IV in the thick of the fighting at Barnet, April 14th 1471.
The Battle of AgincourtThe Battle of Agincourt
Painted to mark the 600th Anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, a battle that pitted Henry V's small and exhausted army against the massed ranks of the French nobility, made icons of Henry V and the English longbowman, and become part of English national identity. The original painting now hangs in the Royal Armouries.
Richard III at the Battle of BosworthRichard III at the Battle of Bosworth
Graham Turner's acclaimed painting of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth is the result of many years of research and consideration, and incorporates the latest knowledge about the king's appearance made possible by the dramatic discovery of his remains in Leicester.
Challenge in the Mist - the Battle of BarnetChallenge in the Mist - the Battle of Barnet
Dawn on the 14th April 1471, and Richard Duke of Gloucester and his men strain to pick out the Lancastrian army through the thick mist that envelopes the battlefield at Barnet.
A jousting knight and his horse gallop towards their opponent, moments before impact, both of them totally focused on their target and what is to come.
Medieval jousting knight in armour art printAnticipation
A knight - in full armour, crowned with his fantastic heraldic crest - inwardly battles to control his, and his horse's, excitement and nerves, split seconds before this moment of apparent calm explodes into a blur of adrenalin pumping action.....
Archers of Henry V’s exhausted and diseased army shoot their deadly arrows at the first wave of French cavalry.

LIMITED TO 100 COPIES ONLY, numbers 1-20 being reproduced on canvas just like the original oil painting.
Fearing no FoeFearing no Foe
A knight errant rides through an ancient forest.
A 15th Century Lady passes the time while her faithful dog relaxes by the fire.
Disturbing the PeaceDisturbing the Peace
The 2nd Battle of St. Albans - 17th February 1461.
A Lancastrian Knight considers his situation having sought sanctuary in Tewkesbury Abbey after the battle of 1471.
The Battle of St. AlbansThe Battle of St. Albans
On the 22nd May 1455, the struggle for control of the government of England boiled over into armed conflict in the first battle of what would become known as the Wars of the Roses.
The Battle of TowtonThe Battle of Towton
With the wind and driving snow at their backs, the Yorkist archers shoot their final deadly volleys of armour piercing arrows into the advancing Lancastrian army while Edward IV and his knights and men-at-arms move through the ranks to meet their oncoming foe.
The Battle of TewkesburyThe Battle of Tewkesbury
Having reclaimed the throne of England and defeated the Earl of Warwick at the battle of Barnet, the Yorkist King, Edward IV, marched his forces from London to intercept those of Margaret of Anjou (wife of the Lancastrian Henry VI) and her son, Prince Edward, who had landed at Weymouth and were heading for Wales where supporters awaited them.
The Battle of BosworthThe Battle of Bosworth
Richard III leads his household knights and retainers in a thunderous charge, seeking out his adversary, Henry Tudor, in a bid to end the Battle of Bosworth with one decisive stroke.
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, at Middleham Castle - canvas print from a painting by Graham TurnerRichard, Duke of Gloucester, at Middleham Castle

Richard Duke of Gloucester is greeted by his retainers as he enters the great hall at Middleham, accompanied by his wife Anne Neville and their son Edward.
'Steady Boy' - World War 1 British army cavalry horse art print - Military equestrian painting by Graham Turner"Steady Boy"
'Steady Boy', Graham Turner's sensitive tribute to the millions of horses that lost their lives during the First World War.
"Took delivery of my canvas print yesterday and was totally gobsmacked, I can't stop looking at it. I love walking in forests they inspire my imagination, if only I had half the talent of Graham to paint or draw my inspirations." - 'Fearing no Foe' canvas print.

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