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Le MansLe Mans
The first Le Mans 24-hour race took place in 1923 - 90 years ago. Since then the race has become one of the most prestigious races on the calendar, and seen many classic battles between some of the most evocative names in racing.

Michael and Graham Turner have visited the Le Mans 24-Hours many times and it has inspired a large number of paintings. All those that are available as prints or cards from Studio 88 are listed here.
Classic motor racing birthday and greeting cardsFormula 1 Grand Prix Cards

Michael Turner has produced a set of Formula 1 Grand Prix cards every year since 1963, capturing the most memorable moments of the season and creating a unique record of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing over the years.

Cards from the more recent Formula 1 seasons are still available, so if you are looking for a card showing current F1 drivers and cars, then CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Grand Prix Cards are available with or without a Christmas greeting, making them suitable for all occasions.

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