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Battle of Barnet, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art print by Graham Turner Challenge in the Mist Ref: CM-28

At dawn on Easter Sunday, 14th April 1471, the armies of Edward IV and his one time ally, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, confronted each other near Barnet, 10 miles outside London.

A thick fog enveloped the battlefield, causing the opposing forces to misalign - Edward's right wing overlapping Warwick's left and visa versa. In the struggle that followed, the Yorkist left was outflanked and crumbled, its remnants being pursued off the field by the Earl of Oxford's men. However, when Oxford managed to regroup some of his force and return to the fray, the misalignment of the armies had caused the whole battle line to rotate and in the confusion, they found themselves engaged against their allies.

A cry of treason threw the Lancastrians into disarray and in the ensuing rout the Earl of Warwick met his end as he tried to reach his horse.

At Barnet, as at Tewkesbury two weeks later, the Yorkist vanguard was commanded by Edward's 19 year old brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester. He was involved in some of the heaviest fighting - being slightly wounded himself - and he would later have several of his retainers remembered in prayers, 'slayn in his service at the batalles of Bernett, Tekysbery or at any other feldes'.

Graham Turner's painting shows Richard with his standard bearer as they strain to see the enemy, apprehension mixed with excitement as they anticipate the slaughter that is to come.

Open Edition Print published from an oil painting.

Overall print size, including border - 17"x 20.5" (43cm x 52cm)

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Price: 28.00

Canvas Print

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Battle of Barnet, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art canvas print by Graham Turner
Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Greeting Card by Graham TurnerGREETING CARDS

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Battle of Barnet print

Graham Turner's latest Battle of Barnet paintingt is also available as a print - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
Battle of Barnet print
New Original Painting now availableNew Original Painting now available

Graham Turner's new painting of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, at the Battle of Barnet is now available. Painted for the 2020 Barnet Medieval Festival poster - CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS
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Pictured is his study of the two Paston brothers at the battle, after which Sir John wrote to their mother saying;

'Mother, I commend myself to you and let you know, blessed be God, my brother John is alive and fares well, and in no peril of death. Nevertheless he is hurt with an arrow on his right arm beneath the elbow, and I have sent him a surgeon which has dressed him, and he tells me that he trusts that he shall all whole within right short time.'
Battle of Barnet, Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art prints by Graham Turner
The Medieval Art of Graham Turner

The Wars of the Roses

The series of battles fought between the rival Yorkist and Lancastrian claiments to the English throne during the second half of the 15th century are now known as the Wars of the Roses, after badges carried by supporters of the two factions - the white rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster.

Political tensions erupted into open conflict at the first battle of ST.ALBANS in 1455, when the Duke of York took up arms against the Lancastrian King Henry VI, and this battle is one of several that Graham Turner has brought to life in his series of paintings devoted to this turbulent period in our history. WAKEFIELD, TOWTON, NORTHAMPTON, BARNET, TEWKESBURY, and BOSWORTH - where Henry Tudor defeated Richard III - these are some of the other battles that have been painted by this highly regarded historical artist who specialises in medieval history, all of which are available as prints from Studio 88.

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The Wars of the Roses - Medieval Art Paintings, Prints and Cards by Graham Turner

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