Graham Turner took part in his first joust in 2004, and since then he has jousted all over the country - and abroad in Holland and Ireland. The highlight of the 2007 season for him was to joust as the Duke of Clarence at the Tower of London, and the photos below show him revelling in every moment of this amazing experience.

"To be able to joust at such a historic and evocative site was incredible, and the jousting was of the highest quality, with the biggest impacts I have ever experienced - fantastic!"

In one pass Graham's targe (shield) had a hole punched right through it, leaving a large dent in the armour beneath. "I was relieved to still be on my horse after that one, but knew something wasn't right when I breathed - the armour was pressing on my chest where it had been stoved in".

Left - Graham Turner as the Duke of Clarence at the Tower of London - September 2007

Above - Impact!!

Above - Graham and his opponent begin their charge down the tilt - both achieving maximum points with two good hits.
Above - Almost unhorsed! One of the big impacts that characterised this tournament.

Above - Inspecting the damage!

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