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19th Century & Napoleonic War

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19th Century & Napoleonic War Paintings19th Century & Napoleonic War Paintings
The sections below contain details of all Graham Turner's original book paintings depicting military campaigns of the 19th Century, including the Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812, organised by book title.
Talavera 1809Talavera 1809
Chesapeake 1814Chesapeake 1814

Only one original painting created for this book remains available.
British Redcoat - 1793-1815British Redcoat - 1793-1815
Several originals are still available, including a painting of the Cameron Highlanders at Waterloo.
Soldiers from the 95th Rifles - made famous by the 'Sharpe' series of novels - defend the farmhouse of La Haye Saint at Waterloo - one of several paintings commissioned for a part-work.

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