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Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468

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Joust, Bruges, 1468 - Medieval Art print by Graham TurnerPas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or - Bruges 1468 Ref: JOUST-59

In July 1468, Margaret of York, sister to King Edward IV of England, was married to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. This great dynastic marriage was marked by processions, pageants and banquets, so magnificent that contemporaries marveled at the wealth and splendour of the Burgundian court. The highlight of the celebrations was undoubtedly the tournament - the Pas d'armes de l'Arbre d'Or (tournament of the Golden Tree) - held in the Market Place at Bruges in the shadow of the famous tower of the Market Hall.

Anthony, Count de la Roche - 'Grand Bastard of Burgundy' - undertook to defend the golden tree against a succession of challengers for eight days, jousting against each one for half an hour, with the winner being the knight to break the most lances in the prescribed time.

Graham Turner's painting shows the moment the Count spurs his horse forward, releasing its pent up energy into spectacular action as he launches himself down the lists towards his opponent.

Limited Edition Print published from an oil painting.

Overall print size, including border - 18"x 23" (45cm x 57cm)

Limited to 500 copies only, each individually signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered to correspond with the print.

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Price: 59.00

Painting Diary

This painting is the subject of a 'Painting Diary', charting it's progress from research to completion. To find out more about the creation of this picture, and the work that goes into one of Graham Turner's medieval canvases, CLICK HERE
Joust, Bruges, 1468 - Medieval Art print by Graham Turner

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Joust, Bruges, 1468 - Medieval Art painting by Graham Turner

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Joust, Bruges, 1468 - Medieval Art Greeting Card by Graham Turner
The Jousting Artist

Graham Turner took part in his first joust in 2004, and his experiences since then have had a dramatic influence on his paintings which convey a sense of immediacy and realism that can only come from such a deep understanding and involvement in this dramatic medieval 'extreme sport'.

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Graham Turner, the Jousting Artist

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