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Henry V PaintingsHenry V Paintings

These are original paintings by Graham Turner, painted in gouache on watercolour board for the Osprey book 'Henry V'. They are unique pieces of hand-painted artwork by this well known historical artist - CLICK HERE or on the photo of Graham at work for more information about how to purchase one of these paintings, or to arrange to visit us to view the originals.

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Henry V Sails for France - Original PaintingHenry V Sails for France - Original Painting Ref: GT-HV-A

Henry V issues his orders on board his flagship, the Trinity Royal, as they approach the coast of France, at the start of the campaign that would culminate in his famous victory at Agincourt.

Gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 13"x 17" (33 x 43cm)

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Price: 495.00

Siege of Harfleur - Original PaintingSiege of Harfleur - Original Painting Ref: GT-HV-B

Sir John Holland discusses plans with his engineers during the siege of Harfleur.

Gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 17"x 13" (43 x 33cm)

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Price: 475.00


After years of planning and research, followed by months of painting, Graham Turner has now completed his epic Battle of Agincourt canvas, painted to mark the 600th Anniversary of the battle that pitted Henry V's small and exhausted army against the massed ranks of the French nobility, made icons of Henry V and the English longbowman, and become part of English national identity.

Henry V is in the thick of the fighting, surrounded by his bodyguard and with his banners flying above him, as they desperately fight off the French knights and men at arms who have struggled through the mud and barrage of English arrows to reach their antagonists.

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