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The sections below contain details of all Graham Turner's available original book paintings depicting the medieval period up until c.1300, organised by book title.

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Original Paintings of the Battle of Campaldino 1289Campaldino 1289
Lewes and Evesham 1264-65Lewes and Evesham 1264-65
The battles of Lewes and Evesham were the deciding encounters of the Second Baron's War, the Simon de Monfort led uprising against king Henry III.
The Conquest of Saxony AD 782-785The Conquest of Saxony AD 782-785
Charlamagne's conquest of Saxony.

Only one original painting created for this book remains available.
Norman BanquetNorman Banquet
A banquet held in the great keep at Hedingham Castle.
English Medieval Knight 1200-1300English Medieval Knight 1200-1300
Paintings from this 'Warrior' title published by Osprey, the first of the English Medieval Knight trilogy, including King John sealing the Magna Carta and the Battle of Lewes.

Only two original paintings created for this book remain available.
Acre 1291Acre 1291
The siege of Acre, 1291, a pivotal campaign during the Crusades.
Poitiers 732Poitiers 732
At the Battle of Poitiers (also known as Tours) in AD 732, Charles Martel's forces defeated the invading Muslim army and halted their advance across Europe.
German Medieval  Armies - 1000-1300German Medieval Armies - 1000-1300
Eight paintings from the Osprey Men-at-Arms book 'German Medieval Armies', covering the period between 1000 and 1300.
Here Be DragonsHere Be Dragons
Book jacket painting for the book by Sharon Kay Penman, showing Llywelyn the Great's wife Joan, illegitimate daughter of King John, approaching Dolwyddelan Castle in North Wales.
Armies of the Caliphates - 862-1098Armies of the Caliphates - 862-1098
Graham Turner diversified from his usual period and geographical location when he was commissioned to paint eight full colour plates for this Osprey title.
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