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Aviation Limited Edition Prints by Michael Turner
Reproduced in full colour on good quality art paper from Michael Turner's Aviation paintings, each edition is strictly limited to the number of prints shown, with every print within the edition individually signed and numbered by Michael Turner and in many cases countersigned by the pilot(s) depicted. Dimensions shown indicate the overall size, including a white border containing the title, any descriptive text, and the signatures.

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Birth of A Legend - Spitfire print by Michael TurnerBirth of a Legend
A very special print, published to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the first flight of the Supermarine Spitfire and limited to only 250 copies, each one signed by Alex Henshaw and Michael Turner.
Night Mail to ParisNight Mail to Paris
Michael Turner's evocative image of a Handley Page HP42 "Hengist" preparing to leave Croydon Airport on a misty evening in 1936.
1938 King's Cup 1938 King's Cup
Alex Henshaw in his winning Mew Gull, swoops low over Hatfield airfield, followed by Giles Guthrie's Mew Gull and Les Cliff's Hawk Major.
Against the OddsAgainst the Odds
At the height of the Battle of Britain in August 1940, Spitfires are seen dogfighting with Messerschmitt 109s in the summer sky high above Kent, whilst Hurricanes engage an incoming formation of Dornier 17s as they cross the coastline below.
Spitfires in the SunshineSpitfires in the Sunshine
Spitfires peeling off to intercept an enemy formation over the Thames estuary in 1940.
Calm before the StormCalm before the Storm
A pair of 504 Squadron's Westland Wallace II aircraft on an evening sortie from their base at Hucknall, atmospherically captured in this Guild of Aviation Artists '1998 Aviation Painting of the Year' by Michael Turner.
Friendly SmokeFriendly Smoke
As dawn breaks over Normandy on the 6th June 1944, a low flying RAF Douglas Boston defies hostile fire to lay a protective smoke screen over the first wave of British troops approaching the invasion beaches.
No.1 School of Technical Training, HaltonNo.1 School of Technical Training, Halton
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