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Aviation Giclée Prints by Graham Turner

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Aviation Art Giclée Prints from First World War paintings by Graham Turner

Studio 88's Giclée prints are individually printed to order on very high quality heavyweight acid free art paper, using inks which provide the best colour and finest detail of any prints we offer. Each print is individually printed and then signed by the artist, Graham Turner, ensuring excellent quality and a picture that is as close to the original as possible.

There are a range of sizes to choose from and a selection of paintings are now also available reproduced on canvas.

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Photo-shoot - print from award-winning painting of BE2 by Graham Turner G.Av.A.Photo-shoot

A BE2e flies over the Western Front on a photo-reconnaissance mission, the pilot operating the lever that would change the glass negative plates in externally mounted C-type camera, while the observer struggles to aim his Lewis gun.
All to Play For - Battle of Britain print by Graham TurnerAll to Play For

RAF aircrew pass the time waiting for the call to scramble during the Battle of Britain.
'Dawn of the Machines' - DH2, tank and mules at the Battle of Flers - WW1 art print by Graham TurnerDawn of the Machines

On September 15th 1916 tanks went into action for the first time, across the devastated Somme battlefield at the battle of Flers.

Original painting was winner of the Cross & Cockade Award for the best First World War aviation painting at the 2018 Guild of Aviation Artists 'Aviation Painting of the Year' Exhibition, held at the Mall Galleries in London.
'Letter from Home' - Royal Flying Corps Pilot with SE5a - WW1 Aviation print from a painting by Graham Turner GAvALetter from Home

A young Royal Flying Corps pilot takes a moment to lose himself in the words of a loved one waiting for him back at home.

Available in two alternative sizes.
'Replacements' - WW1 Royal Flying Corps BE2e pilots and observers - Aviation Art by Graham TurnerReplacements

A newly trained Royal Flying Corps pilot and observer arrive at their first posting, a front line BE2e reconnaissance squadron.

Available in three alternative sizes and on canvas.
Into the Hands of FateInto the Hands of Fate
Early on 13th April 1917, pilots and observers from six RE8s of 59 Squadron prepare to take off on a reconnaissance flight over the German lines - none would return.

Available in three alternative sizes and on canvas.
Somme Contact Patrol - WW1 print by Graham TurnerSomme Contact Patrol
British troops signal their position to a BE2c flying overhead as they struggle to advance across no-mans land on July 1st 1916, the first day of the battle of the Somme.

Available in two alternative sizes and on canvas.
Almost HomeAlmost Home
An RE8 struggles home over no-mans land, a thin trail of smoke behind it.

Available in two alternative sizes and on canvas.
Thank You Harry TateThank You Harry Tate
An RE8 crew relieved to have landed safely after another close call while on an artillery-spotting sortie.

Available in two alternative sizes and on canvas.
"Steady Boy""Steady Boy"
'Steady Boy', Graham Turner's sensitive tribute to the millions of horses that lost their lives during the First World War.

Available in two alternative sizes and on canvas.

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