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18th Century Original Paintings18th Century Original Paintings

The sections below contain details of Graham Turner's original paintings depicting the 18th Century, organised by the title of the book they were painted for.Click on the image or title for full details.
Original paintings by Graham Turner from the Osprey book Malplaquet 1709Malplaquet 1709

In what was the bloodiest battle of the 18th century, the allied English and Dutch armies, led by the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy, scored a hollow tactical victory against the French, resulting in 23,000 Allied and 11,000 French casualties.

Only one of the three paintings now remains available
Fort William Henry 1755-57Fort William Henry 1755-57
The siege of Fort William Henry, immortalised in James Fenimore Cooper's classic novel 'The Last of the Mohicans'.
Three full colour paintings by Graham Turner from the Osprey book about the Duke of Marlborough.
Blenheim 1704Blenheim 1704

Two paintings remain from those commissioned for this Osprey book recounting the Duke of Marlborough's great victory.
Highlander - original paintings by Graham TurnerHighlander

Stuart Reid's book on the Scots Highlander contains original paintings by Graham Turner and two of these remain for sale. Click for full details and prices.

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