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Medieval Giclée Prints by Graham Turner - the 14th Century

Studio 88's Gicle Prints are individually printed to order on very high quality heavyweight art paper or canvas, using inks which provide the best colour and finest detail of any prints we offer. Each print is individually printed by the artist, Graham Turner - ensuring excellent quality and a picture that is as close to the original as possible - and it is then signed by him.

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Prints from paintings of the Battle of Castagnaro by Graham TurnerThe Battle of Castagnaro, 1387
One of the most famous Italian medieval battles, in which the renowned English mercenary captain, Sir John Hawkwood, led the Paduan army to a stunning victory against their Veronese adversaries.

Three prints are available.
Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn - Medieval Art printRobert the Bruce

Henry de Bohun charges at Robert the Bruce before the battle of Bannockburn. Available in two alternative sizes.
The Battle of Bannockburn - Medieval Art printThe Battle of Bannockburn

The English heavy cavalry charge the Scottish schiltrons at Bannockburn. Available in two alternative sizes.
Archers at the Battle of Poitiers - Medieval Art printThe Battle of Poitiers

The archers of the Earl of Salisbury's division release their deadly volleys of arrows. Available in two alternative sizes.
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