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The Hard Road to Tewkesbury

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The Yorkist army crosses the River Frome en-route to the Battle of Tewkesbury - Wars of the Roses painting by Graham Turner The Hard Road to Tewkesbury Ref: GT-RT

As Queen Margaret's Lancastrian army marched north passed Bristol, Berkeley and Gloucester, looking for a crossing point over the River Severn and into Wales, Edward IV's army tracked them across the Cotswolds before the Lancastrians were forced to turn and face them at Tewkesbury.

The author of 'The Arrivall' (Edward IV's official account of the events of 1471) wrote, 'which was right-an-hot day, xxx myle and more; whiche his people might nat finde, in all the way, horse-mete (horse feed), ne mans-meate, ne so moche as drynke for theyr horses, save in one little broke, where was full letle relefe, it was so sone trowbled with the cariages that had passed it.'

Their route would have taken them across the River Frome, a most likely candidate for the little brook the author complains was so churned up by the passage of the army that it was virtually undrinkable. At Chalford the Frome was fordable, and although the river now shares its valley with a road, canal and railway, you can still appreciate the effort the Yorkist soldiers would have required to negotiate the steep approaches to the river crossing.

Original gouache painting by Graham Turner - image size 18.5"x 12.8" (47cm x 33cm) Note: When framed with a mount, the overall picture size will be larger. Painting is priced unframed.

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Price: 1,350.00

The Yorkist army crosses the River Frome en-route to the Battle of Tewkesbury - Detail from a painting by Graham Turner
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