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The Wars of the Roses - An Artist's Vision

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Since first being inspired by a visit to Bosworth battlefield over twenty-five years ago, Graham Turner has built up a worldwide reputation for his paintings of this colourful but turbulent era in our past. His paintings and prints are prized by historians and collectors for their dramatic and atmospheric compositions, populated by real people, combined with meticulously researched details and settings.

The Wars of the Roses remains a continual source of inspiration for Graham, and over the years he has created many paintings bringing to life the people and events of this fascinating time, but on recently taking stock he realised there were still some omissions, some battles and significant events he has yet to paint. His ambition is to create a body of work that tells the complete story of the Wars of the Roses, reflecting what we currently know and understand about the period rather than the Shakespearean inspired myths that have inspired artists in the past and still colour our perception of the lives and times or our ancestors.

(top right) Graham unveils his Battle of Bosworth oil painting at Bosworth battlefield in 1995.

Graham has begun to focus on filling those gaps, and recently completed paintings such as the Battle of Edgcote, Bleak Outpost, and the Pastons at Barnet, all of which have sold. He is currently working on ideas for other new paintings and would be interested to hear from anyone who might potentially be interested in acquiring one of these yet to be created originals, as early involvement could have a bearing on the subject matter and whether they become big oil on canvases or smaller gouache paintings.


Graham is currently working on this section of our website to add a list of potential subjects, with some preliminary sketches such as those below, and it should be completed soon. In the meantime, if you would like to contact him to discuss a possible commission, please email him at
Preliminary sketches

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